Living-Learning Communities

Here at Iowa, first-year students belong to living-learning communities (LLCs). By living in an LLC, you’ll discover an avenue for making friends and connecting with the campus community. These communities are the perfect place to embrace your sense of adventure, broaden your horizons, and make the most of your college years. 

What it's All About

  • Blending the residential and academic experience
  • Trying new things, making new friends, and challenging yourself
  • Exploring and experiencing the University of Iowa and the Iowa City area with students who share your interests
  • Getting a good education, but also growing as a person
  • Connecting with peers, mentors and campus resources
  • Interacting with professors and university staff members
  • Opportunities for shared coursework
  • Taking trips to events on and off campus

How Do I Choose?

We have over 30 unique living-learning communities. There are a wide variety of options to choose from. Check out a brief description for each LLC and look at some sample programs to get a feel for what each community is all about. You may lean towards LLCs that align with your major, or others that match your social interests. You may want to try something new altogether! Narrow your list down to 7 LLCs you would be excited about joining, and then preference those on your application. We'll take it from there!

Why Participate?

Making the transition from high school to college can be challenging. At the University of Iowa, we provide you with many resources and support structures. Your Resident Assistant (RA) is one way we support you. Your RA will plan events throughout the year to help you on your way. The wide range of social and educational events offered enhance the academic experience and provide opportunities for community development. The RAs are looking forward to welcoming you into their community. Also, living in an LLC will help you get involved. Research shows students who get involved in LLCs are more likely to:

  • Stay in college
  • Earn a higher GPA
  • Experience a greater degree of satisfaction with their overall college experience

Your on-campus experience will be shaped by the living-learning community you choose, making your first year at the University of Iowa memorable. In your LLC, you will be surrounded by students who are passionate about your interests—ensuring you will make fast friends. You will gain valuable experience and preparation to be a student leader on campus.

Shared Courses

Research suggests that Living-Learning Community students who participate in shared courses are more engaged with their academics and satisfied with their college experience.  Although courses available for communities vary each year, most LLCs provide students the opportunity to co-enroll in a course affiliated with the theme of their community.  You can find examples of courses that have been offered for each LLC on their individual home pages.

Transferring to the University of Iowa?

Join the Road Less Traveled LLC. It is designed specifically for you. Meet fellow Hawkeyes, who are new to the University of Iowa, but not new to the college experience. You’ll have a lot in common already and will make fast friends. Get to know a new campus and all it has to offer with your fellow transfer students. Transfer students are also welcome in a variety of other LLCs. The LLCs available to you will be indicated in the "Who Lives Here" section of each LLC page as well as on the housing application.

How to Apply

On your housing application you will indicate your top LLC preferences. If your application is received before January 27, 2016 you'll have the option to select a room in your LLC in April. To learn more about the application and room selection process, click here

For More Information

Contact  UH&D Residence Education with questions about LLCs: 319-335-3700 or Contact UH&D Contracts and Assignments with questions about the housing application: 319-335-3000 or


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