Journalism and Mass Communication

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Journalism and Mass Communication offers a home for those first-year students aspiring to be professionals in media and media studies. Engage in social, academic, and creative hands-on activities related to a wide variety of professional media applications, including online, print, broadcast, and video forms of journalism and public relations.

Programming for Journalism and Mass Communication

Programming in this community may include the following:

  • Tour media production facilities at the Adler Journalism Building
  • Receive mentoring by professional media clubs like student chapters of the Society of Professional Journalists, the National Association of Black Journalists, and the Public Relations Society of America
  • Partner with the campus news station
  • Work with the Daily Iowan
  • Have lunch with journalism professionals from around the nation
  • Learn how to articulate journalism experiences on a resume through career development
  • Tour the Iowa City Press-Citizen and KCRG-TV9
  • Audit an advanced journalism course for a day
  • Watch and discuss “Goodnight, and Good Luck”
  • Take a trip to Chicago to see places like the Sun Times, magazine offices, and TV studios


Research suggests that Living-Learning Community students who participate in shared courses are more engaged with their academics and satisfied with their college experience.  Although courses available for communities vary each year, most LLCs provide students the opportunity to co-enroll in a course affiliated with the theme of their community. 
Media History and Culture

This course surveys the historical and cultural development of journalism in the U.S. from the Revolution to present. Course format consists of two lectures and a discussion section weekly. Three exams and three written exercises are required. This course is a prerequisite for admission to major status in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Participants are enrolled in the prerequisite course for the Journalism and Mass Communication major: Media History and Culture. This 3-semester-hour course also counts as general education credit.

Who Lives Here

This community accepts first-year and transfer students.

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