Rates, Contracts & Forms

Living on campus provides residents the convenience of paying one bill for your room and board.  Heat, electricity, water, cable TV, internet, garbage are all included in your room and meal plan assessment.  Room rates are based on amenities in each room, with additional costs for air conditioning, shared/private bathroom, and/or shared kitchen. Rates cover the academic year, including Thanksgiving and Spring Break. Students are assessed an additional charge (on their university bill) if they wish to stay over the break between fall and spring semesters. 

Living on campus also comes with the expectation that students are mature enough to live in an environment where they are a contributing member of the larger residence hall community. Students have rights and responsibilities as members of the residence hall community, and these are outlined in the terms and conditions they acknowledged when applying for housing. Students who violate policies that negatively impact the community can be removed from the residence halls or suspended from the university.

If a student has special medical or psychological conditions that may impact their placement or experience in the residence halls, you should inform us of that condition and its impact on your housing. It may be an accommodation or a request to be released from your contractual obligations. Forms to request accommodations or contract release are available; these requests must be submitted to Contract & Assignments. If you are no longer attending the University of Iowa, a cancellation form is available (See E-forms below).    

Residence Hall Rate Schedule (per person) for the 2014 - 2015 Academic Year

Note that the costs in this chart are for the two-semester academic year.

Room Type Option Rate*
Single  $7,279
Single w/air conditioning 8,154
Single w/bath 10,152
Single w/bath and air conditioning 11,125
Single w/ shared bath and air conditioning 9,639
Single w/air conditioning, shared bath and kitchen (Mayflower) 9,714
Double 5,897
Double w/air conditioning 6,339
Double w/bath 7,365
Double w/bath and air conditioning 7,809
Double w/shared bath and air conditioning 7,074
Double w/bath, air conditioning and kitchen 8,170
Double w/air conditioning, shared bath and kitchen (Mayflower) 7,120
Triple 5,098
Triple w/air conditioning 5,386
Triple w/bath and air conditioning 6,372
Triple apartment suite w/ air conditioning 7,313
Quad 4,512
Quad apartment suite w/ air conditioning 6,168
2-person studio apartment (Parklawn) 7,435
2-person 1-bedroom apartment (Parklawn) 8,025
5 bedroom Suite (Centerstone) 8,308
1 bedroom Suite, double occupancy (Centerstone) 7,847
CampusView 3 or 4 bedroom 8,308
Early Move in Rate (daily rate) $45
*Includes $20 ($10 per semester) for Associated Residence Halls (ARH) activity fee.


Dining Rates

aerial view of east side residence halls

Housing & Dining Billing

All items you have contracted to pay (tuition, fees, room and board, etc.) will be billed in full on August 1 for fall semester and on January 1 for spring semester. There are various payment plans and methods available. Contact the University Billing Office for more information. UBills can be paid on ISIS with a debit from your bank account - to do so you must complete a debit form available at the University Billing Office, 5 Calvin Hall. You can also pay your U-Bill at the Hills Bank located in the IMU. 

Your housing contract states that you are responsible for paying your bill in full when billed. If you cannot pay your bill or can only make partial payments on your bill, schedule an appointment with Contracts and Assignments, 4141 Burge Hall, to discuss payment options and your plan for taking care of the bill. Failure to contact Contracts and Assignments to discuss your specific circumstances could result in legal action at your expense, the cancellation of your meal plan and eviction.