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Welcome to University Housing & Dining at the University of Iowa!

Living on campus allows students the opportunity to meet many people and create lifelong friendships, participate in a wide variety of academic, educational and social events, and learn to live in a culturally diverse environment – all while enjoying the conveniences of living on campus.  

There are ten residence halls and four leased off campus apartments at the University of Iowa. Burge, Daum, Clinton St. Apartments (Bloomington, Centerstone, and Dubuque), Currier, Stanley, and Mayflower make up the east neighborhood. Hillcrest, Parklawn, Petersen, Rienow and Slater are the west neighborhood residence halls. Each building is unique in design and special features. Students may also live in University Apartments.  In 2017, we will open a new hall in the east neighborhood called Madison Street Residence Hall.

The residence halls at the University of Iowa are more than just a place to live. In addition to safe and comfortable surroundings, living in an adult environment with limited supervision provides students with a glimpse of what living in society is all about: interacting with people from various backgrounds, taking responsibility for personal behavior, learning how a political governing system works, and learning how to have fun – and get along – with friends and neighbors. From classes, to interesting programs, to spontaneous fun, the residence halls at the University of Iowa provide an exciting living-learning experience on campus. 


University Housing & Dining is made up of six units, all reporting to the director of University Housing & Dining and the Vice President for Student Life. These six units work very closely together, providing services that often overlap the traditional defined territories. Both within and between our units we operate with a clear sense of teamwork.


Community and Diversity

University Housing & Dining, like the rest of The University of Iowa, is committed to a strong and diverse community. We hold this as one of our central values in our planning and in our daily work.

Statement of Community & Diversity


Our staff is a mix of full-time professionals with skills in areas as diverse as counseling, student development, technology, building maintenance, accounting, human resources, nutrition, food preparation, and of course, residence life. Regardless of their area of expertise, one thing is common in all our professional staff, and that is a great sense of caring and committment to the students who live in our halls.

In addition, many university students are employed in our organization, serving in roles as diverse as Residential Dining Assistants, resident assistants, computer support technicians, desk/clerical staff, painters, custodians, and building maintenance laborers. These student employees provide not just work necessary to the running of our facilities, but also a perspective on student life that helps our organization continue to improve the quality of our products and services.

Staff Directory

Vision, Mission & Goals 

Our vision is to be a residential program that aspires to excellence as a leader in campus living.

Vision, Mission & Goals