Gender-Inclusive Housing

University Housing & Dining (UH&D) is committed to providing a welcome environment for all students, regardless of sex or gender identity and expression.  UH&D recognizes that not all students may identify as female or male. UH&D wants to create an opportunity for those who may identify as transgender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, and/or non-binary to live in the halls and participate in our living learning communities. 

What is Gender-Inclusive Housing? 

Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) is an opportunity for University of Iowa students with different gender identities to become roommates. 

Who is eligible for Gender-Inclusive Housing?

All residents of UH&D are eligible to participate in GIH, but must opt-in to the program.  Friends of different genders, or siblings who may want to live together are eligible to participate.  GIH is not intended for romantic partners to live as roommates. 

Where will Gender-Inclusive Housing be located?

All of our residence halls are currently mixed-gender living environments in two configurations based on the building design and restroom facilities available:

  • Single Gender Wings or Floors – a hallway or portion of a building designated for a particular gender (ex. all-female or all-male floors).  Students in these assignments share a bedroom and bathroom with students of the same gender.

  • Mixed Gender by Floor – Students in these assignments share a bedroom with students of the same gender.  However, their neighbors may be different genders (ex. a female room next to a male room). Restrooms may be community style and designated female or male, or pod-style (individual use rooms with shower, toilet and sink behind a lockable door).

Our goal is to provide GIH in each of our living learning communities with restroom facilities available to support each roommate’s gender identity.  For some roommates, this may mean an assignment on a hall floor that has both women’s and men’s community style-restrooms or pod-style restrooms.  For others, this may mean a double room with a private bathroom or suite-style restroom. 

How can students sign up for Gender-Inclusive Housing?

On the housing application Lifestyle Questions Section, students must opt into the program by selecting, “Yes, I am interested in participating in Gender-Inclusive Housing”. 

Can students in Gender-Inclusive Housing request a roommate?

Yes.  Once students indicate an interest in GIH on their application, they will receive an email with information about roommate matching.  Due to the unique nature of GIH an additional roommate matching process has been established to connect with fellow Hawkeyes. All roommate requests must be mutual and confirmed by May 1, 2017. 

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Students interested in participating in GIH who have questions about the process may talk with any of our Contracts & Assignments staff in 4141 Burge Hall: Kristi Swedean, Colleen Shaull, Matt DiCicco, or Virginia Ibrahim-Olin via telephone 319-335-3000 or email

PDF iconGender-Inclusive Housing Policy & Agreement