Medical (ADA) Accommodations



The University of Iowa and University Housing & Dining are committed to providing equitable opportunities in higher education and programs for academically qualified students without regard to disability.  Students with a variety of disabilities and medical conditions are welcome and encouraged to live in campus housing and we value the contributions all students make in our living learning communities. Campus housing is intended for students who do not need adult supervision and can successfully live on their own. Student needs differ individually, and University Housing & Dining will make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. 

We will work with any student who requests housing or dining accommodations on an individual basis. It is important to communicate early and thoroughly with University Housing & Dining staff to ensure student needs can be met most effectively.   

Information provided regarding a disability or medical concern will remain private and only be shared with university administrators involved in assisting with the request for an accommodation.

Housing Accommodations

Students must make a written request to University Housing & Dining for a reasonable accommodation to their room assignment.  Part I is for the student to complete and Part II is for written support from a qualified health care professional.  Requests are not considered complete until both portions are received. 

 Students providing medical documentation that an ADA accommodation is necessary will not be assessed additional charges for accommodations approved by University of Iowa staff. 

PDF iconUH&D Reasonable Accommodation Request Form 2017-18

Once a complete request has been received, a member of the Contracts & Assignments office (or University Dining if a meal plan accommodation has been requested) will contact the student. Requests for accommodations submitted after the priority deadline will be filled as space allows. Please understand that not every residence hall room is accessible to students with disabilities.

Request Deadlines

Prospective students who have a disability should make a written request for a reasonable accommodation as soon as possible after submitting their housing application.  Priority dates for consideration are:

  • May 15 for academic year housing
  • December 15 for spring housing
  • May 5 for summer housing

Requests will be accepted at any time, but may be limited by space availability.  

Current students may submit a written request at any time while they live in the residence halls, however, options for an accommodation may be limited by space availability.  

Students who currently live in the residence halls with accommodations and wish to return next year will be able to denote this on their reapplication. If accommodations need to be adjusted, additional documentation may be required.

ADA accommodations in leased properties

These procedures only apply to the on-campus residence halls and apartments owned by the university (Burge, Catlett, Currier, Daum, Hillcrest, Mayflower, Parklawn, Petersen, Rienow, Slater, and Stanley). The off-campus facilities operated by University Housing & Dining (Centerstone, Dubuque House, and Bloomington House) are leased properties not owned by the university.  As such, requests for accommodations in these buildings may not be honored without approval of the property owners.  In these cases, the university will make the request on behalf of the student requesting accommodation.

Assistance Animals

Pets (other than aquarium fish) are not allowed in University Housing.  However, University Housing & Dining recognizes the importance of assistance animals (defined as service animals or emotional support animals) to individuals with documented disabilities and will consider requests for assistance animals as accommodations in appropriate circumstances. Animals living in campus housing create a unique variable in community living, potentially impacting the entire community in differing ways.  As such, care must be taken to ensure the rights of all residents living in the community are protected. To request an assistance animal as an accommodation, please complete the accommodation request form above. Contracts & Assignments staff will then be in contact once the completed form is received.

Dining Accommodations

University Housing & Dining is also committed to provide food options that meet the needs of students with specific diets or food allergies. If a student is in need of a nutrition-related accommodation, please visit our nutrition page on our dining website and fill out a dietary needs form. For additional questions, please contact Laura Croteau, RD, LD, our nutrition specialist. 

Accommodations Beyond University Housing & Dining

Students needing accommodations which do not impact their housing or dining situation should contact Student Disability Services or 319-335-1462. Please be aware that requests for medical accommodations that have been submitted to Student Disability Services will not be forwarded to University Housing & Dining. We require completion of a separate form and additional documentation as it specifically relates to a student’s housing assignment. If a student is requesting accommodations from both offices, please make sure to have the appropriate paperwork submitted to each.