Associated Residence Halls (ARH)

Associated Residence Halls (ARH) is the student governing body for the residence halls. It is an active organization whose mission is to serve as an advocate for student residents. Associated Residence Halls takes honor in focusing on a high quality living experience for residents through hall improvements, developmental programs, and events. ARH create policy and plan many social, fundraising, and school spirit events including Homecoming activities, Casino Nights, final exam care package programs, movie nights, Iowa Idol, and various leadership development activities. ARH also has the ability to create committees and policies crafted from what we find that residents would like to see in the halls and on campus. 

Direction and Mission of ARH

Mission Statement: Associated Residence Halls (ARH) is the governing body of the individual residence halls of the University of Iowa working for the betterment of residence life through policy and legislation based on feedback and ideas derived from the ARH Board of Directors, individual hall government associations, and the residents.

  • Community: ARH is to be the experienced and supporting factor for all of the residence halls.
  • Connect: ARH is to be the unifying factor for all of the residence halls.
  • Change: ARH is to be the vehicle of change as we have the ability to implement policies and bring ideas to reality that can impact every hall government, and more specifically, every resident. 

ARH brings the residence hall governments together, guides them in the right direction, and lays the pathway to make life better for the residents.

ARH's mission is to focus on the betterment of life within the residence halls at the University of Iowa. ARH serves as the voice of the students in the halls. They look to build and strengthen community through programs and events and to make change in the halls on campus.

Please contact us at or 319-335-3173. Our office is located in Burge Hall in room B44.  Also, visit us up on Facebook at

Hall Associations

ARH is directly linked to the individual residence hall associations within the residence halls. With these associations, the students of the residence halls can expect an improved way of life, not only through community improvements, but also through programming efforts. Through gathering together to experience social and educational programs, residents begin to enhance their feeling of a community environment.

Board of Directors

The nine ARH board positions include: Executive Director, Associations Director, Campus Affairs Director, Finance Director, National Communications Coordinator (NCC), Programing Director, Communications/Marketing Director, Extended Service Director, and Diversity Director.