Bed Configurations

Once you arrive on campus, if you would like to reconfigure your bed, complete a custodial work order at your front desk and specify the configuration number on your work order. The University Housing Facilities staff must do the work for you. These beds are very heavy, so please do not try to make the change yourself. You will be charged for any missing pieces and/or damaged furniture.

All mattresses are 8" thick. 

Configuration #1 – Single (Barrier Free)

configuration 1Bottom of mattress is 12" off the floor. Mattress height of 22" allows for easy wheelchair access. End posts can assist with transfer.


Configuration #2 – High Loft

Configuration 2This configuration allows for the maximum use of floorspace. A 48" desk and a 30" dresser will fit under the mattress.



Configuration #3 – Bunk Beds

configuration 3Bunking also creates more floorspace in your room.



Configuration #4 – Captain's Bed

configuration 4Mattress is approximately two feet from the floor. This provides space for storage under the bed.