Bicycle and Moped

Bicycles on Campus

You may bring your bicycle to campus. Information on obtaining an Iowa City license and on the best methods of locking bicycles is available from the University of Iowa Police, 808 University Capital Center.

Bicycle parking is available in the outside bicycle racks. Any bicycles parked or chained in any other public space of the residence halls or in public areas of the university may be removed by parking enforcement personnel and held at their office (at the IMU Parking Ramp) until claimed by the owner.

You may keep your bike in your room as long as your roommate(s) agree. For safety reasons, bicycles must be walked, not ridden, in buildings.

Mopeds and Motorized Vehicles on Campus

You may bring your moped or motorized vehicle to campus and park in any university motorcycle parking space with the appropriate parking permit. You can find information about parking here.

Motorbikes, motorcycles, or any devices requiring the use of combustible fuels create fire hazards and are not allowed to be ridden or stored in buildings at any time. If they are found in the halls, they will be removed and stored at the owner’s expense.