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Success starts with you.

Join other students interested in business and entrepreneurship. You’ll bond with the members in your community, establishing study groups, connecting with faculty and staff from the Tippie College of Business.

There are several courses that first-year business students will take. Business students living in the BizHawk Living Learning Community will have the advantage of living amongst students taking the same courses.

Vyjayanti M.

"Being a part of BizHawks allowed me to meet students with similar academic interests and drive. Coming from California, I didn’t know anybody coming into my first year at Iowa, but my community helped me meet great friends as soon as I got to campus."

Vyjayanti M.
Living Learning Community Courses

Analysis and critique to discover, question, explain, and justify positions and claims made in writing and speaking; reading and listening to comprehend and assess arguments; employment of rhetorical concepts (e.g., purpose, audience); understanding research as responsible inquiry for speaking and writing; special topics, activities.

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Algebraic techniques and modeling; quantitative methods for treating problems that arise in management and economic sciences; topics include algebra techniques, functions and functional models, exponential and logarithmic functions and models, and a thorough introduction to differential calculus; examples and applications from management, economic sciences, and related areas; for students planning to major in business.

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Descriptive statistics, graphical presentation, elementary probability, estimation and testing, regression, correlation; statistical computer packages.

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Organization, workings of modern economic systems; role of markets, prices, competition in efficient allocation of resources and promotion of economic welfare; international trade.

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National income and output, unemployment, and inflation; economic growth and development; money and credit; monetary and fiscal policy; government finance; international finance.

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Campus Partners

A campus partner is a faculty or staff member on the University of Iowa campus that is passionate about the community and who meets regularly with a designated living learning community team. These individuals guide the learning component of the community, may teach the course in common, and help connect students to various resources across campus.

Mark Archibald
Assistant Director, First Year Experience, UPO – Undergraduate Program

Dani Dion
Assistant Director, Pre-Business Success Initiatives