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Be the next generation of problem solvers.

Be an engineer and something more. This community welcomes all engineering students and provides opportunities for them to succeed academically through sharing knowledge, building a strong support network, and having fun. Some ways you will be able to participate in your community are through social events, networking dinners, faculty and alumni engagement, service projects, and off-campus trips.

This Living Learning Community does not have an additional, LLC-specific required course.

This community is open to all students who intend to major in: 

Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Undeclared Engineering
Brett R.

I enjoy being able to take the same classes as my floor and we can do homework together. It's great to have an academic support system right on your floor. 

Brett R.
Kyle F.

I enjoy being able to take the same classes as my peers. Being a part of this community means I always have someone to study with right across my hall.

Kyle F.

Being in this LLC has provided me mental, social, and academic advantages because I’m surrounded with students who are doing the exact same work I’m doing on a daily basis. Joining this LLC has made my transition to college much easier to handle and a well worth the decision to join as I take the first step in my engineering career.



Robert Y.

My experience in the People in Engineering LLC is the reason why my transition and first semester in college has been so successful. Sharing a hall with an RA and other students in engineering allows for instant collaboration and additional opportunity to ask for help with schoolwork. Being able to see familiar faces in class is a bonus that helps ease the transition as well.

Ryan C.

Living in this LLC was one of the best decisions I made during my first year of college! Having neighbors taking the same classes and doing the same homework as me helped make my transition to college much smoother.

Camryn N.

What I found in the People in Engineering LLC was an awesome group of like-minded people who understood the workload required in the first year of engineering. Having a similar schedule to the rest of my floor was a huge benefit and reduction in stress for me. We also had a designated study lounge for our floor that we all took advantage of and used to study together. I am still friends with many of the people from my floor and this community made the transition to college life so easy!


Paul F.

I enjoy being in the People in Engineering community because you are so close to people who are going through the same challenging courses and can help you when you need it. 

Jide B.

Living in the People in Engineering LLC was crucial to my success as a first year student and beyond. On this floor I was surrounded by those going through the same high school-to-college transition as me in terms of academic rigor – it was incredibly helpful to not go through this alone. I met engineering peers right away when I got on campus through my residence hall, and it was a relief on my first day of classes to see familiar faces and know that we were all in this together. Overall, it was a great way for me to ease into life as an engineering student, make friends, and network. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Alec H.
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Campus Partners

A campus partner is a faculty or staff member on the University of Iowa campus that is passionate about the community and who meets regularly with a designated living learning community team. These individuals guide the learning component of the community, may teach the course in common, and help connect students to various resources across campus.

Jane Dorman
Director of Admissions and Student Life