A teacher working with young kindergarten students

Do more than lead, create a generation of leaders.

This community is for you if you have the desire to shape the minds of the future and are interested in teaching elementary through high school. You will discuss current issues in education, interact with faculty members, learn about the College of Education, and have the chance to watch a current teacher in action through your first-year seminar.

All first-year students in this community are required to take the course below. This course fulfills a general education or major requirement and students will be pre-enrolled prior to orientation.

This community is open to all students or students who intend to major in the following areas:

Education (President’s Leadership Society)
Elementary Education
Elementary Education Interest
ESL Education
Foreign Language Education
Math Education
Medical Education
Music Education
Reading Education
Science Education
Secondary Education
Secondary Education Interest
Social Studies Education
Special Education
Talented & Gifted (TAG) Education
Living Learning Community Courses

Small discussion class taught by a faculty member; topics chosen by instructor; may include outside activities (e.g., films, lectures, performances, readings, visits to research facilities).

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