University Housing & Dining complements the academic mission of the University of Iowa by providing clean, well-maintained, secure, healthy, and affordable housing and dining options designed to meet the diverse and evolving development, educational, and nutritional needs of students living in a multicultural community.

2017 Division of Student Life Annual Report: University Housing & Dining

PDF iconUniversity Housing & Dining Organizational Chart (Fall 2017)


To be a housing and dining program, who is a leader in campus living.

Core Values

Personalized Service -- University Housing & Dining excels as a campus leader in making all residents and guests feel welcome on campus and staff display pride in working at the University of Iowa.

Student Focused -- University Housing & Dining is committed to investing in our students and facilities while delivering quality services and maintaining competitive rates.

Modern Safety -- University Housing & Dining provides modern security features and educates residents to share responsibility for personal safety by making informed choices.

Fostering Growth -- University Housing & Dining is committed to fostering the academic, social, cultural and personal growth of residents through the teaching of life skills and responsible citizenship.

Statement of Community and Diversity

Living in a residence hall at The University of Iowa means living in a community of learners. This community is a dynamic place comprised of various people with different values, cultures, lifestyles, and attitudes. As a member of this community, we must strive to understand the individuality and life choices of those among us. We can best learn from one another in an atmosphere of positive contact and mutual respect. Therefore, we must possess a genuine desire to learn from those around us as well as give others the respect and tolerance we desire for ourselves.

University Housing & Dining is committed to the principles of free inquiry and free expression. We believe individuals have the right to hold, defend, and express their ideas and opinions. Each of us has the right to our own personal beliefs; however, these beliefs in no way give us the right to discriminate against or harass another. Intolerance has no place within our residence hall community.

We are individually and collectively responsible for our behavior and accountable for our actions; harassment, stalking, intimidation, or violence against persons or property in violation of University policies and/or the "Code of Student Life" will not be tolerated. We will not accept ignorance, one's upbringing, anger, or substance abuse as an excuse, reason, or rationale for such behavior. Each of us must take the initiative and responsibility for our own learning and awareness of the differences that exist in our community and avoid all actions that diminish others because of these differences.

The University of Iowa is committed to preparing its students to be leaders in an ever changing, diverse society. The residence halls provide a unique experience for learning to live and work beside people different than ourselves. Each person has a role to play in our residence hall community and will be allowed to do so. Take advantage of the learning opportunity to develop yourself into a leader of tomorrow.