Residence Education Staff

Staff in the Residence Halls

Resident Assistants

A resident assistant (RA) is a member of each residence hall floor. RAs are student staff members who are carefully selected and trained. Their job is to assist the residents in their adjustment to the halls and to the University of Iowa. RAs are a source of information about activities, events, and policies. They also assist residents with roommate conflicts, homesickness, or academic concerns. Each RA also plans activities – social as well as educational – for the residents of the floor.

Hall Coordinators

The residence halls have hall coordinators who are full-time professionals, with a master’s degree, living in the buildings. The hall coordinators manage the day-to-day operations of the front desk, advise the student government building associations, supervise RAs, and oversee all programming and counseling. Some hall coordinators are assisted by graduate assistant – assistant hall coordinators who are students pursuing a master’s degree in student development.

Assistant Directors

Assistant Directors are full-time professionals educated in student life issues and are responsible for maintaining safe and positive residence hall environments. They have an advanced degree in counseling, student development, or a related field. The Assistant Directors supervise all aspects of the day-to-day operations of the buildings and the grounds surrounding them. They train and supervise hall coordinators, support students with personal or behavioral problems, implement discipline, oversee building operations, and coordinate programming activities throughout the residence halls.

Residence Education

The central staff of Residence Education are located in 260 Stanley Hall. This staff oversees all functions of the residence experience: living-learning communities, staff training, RA selection, event planning, discipline procedures, policies, advising student groups, academic initiatives, etc. Anytime you have an issue that is not being resolved in the hall, you are encouraged to visit this office for assistance. Residence Education staff actively plan and provide events and services throughout the academic year to foster a strong sense of community on individual floors, and within buildings and neighborhoods. Residents may participate in an array of activities that range from social interactions with other residents to programs that help with transitioning into college life and enhancing their personal growth and skills.