Expanded Housing

Students are assigned, temporarily, to expanded housing when there are no more available rooms. Students will be reassigned to a permanent room once one becomes available.expanded housing

Expanded housing is created by converting study lounges on residential floors into large bedrooms, where 8 or fewer students will be placed. The basic amenities of residence hall rooms are included in expanded housing. Each student will have a bed, but because of space restrictions, students will share desks, dresser space, and hanging space for clothes. The space also has wireless internet available for resident use.

Students are charged a greatly reduced rate for expanded housing-$10.00 per day-plus the cost of their selected meal plan. When a student is moved into a permanent space, housing charges will be pro-rated according to the rate for the permanent room and the number of days remaining in the semester.

Students who live in expanded housing do have a binding contract with University Housing & Dining. If a resident in expanded housing wishes to cancel the housing contract in order to move off campus, they must contact the Contracts and Assignments Office at 319-335-3000 for further information.

"I was terrified when I found out that I would be in expanded housing. However, it was probably the best experience that I've yet to encounter at the University. I am still really close with everyone I lived with at the beginning of the year and it was a really sad day when I had to leave!" Emily, 19

Watch this video for more information on expanded housing and to hear more students' stories!