Your first few weeks on campus can feel pretty hectic. There is a lot of information you'll want to absorb, and a lot of new people to meet. And that's all before you sit down for your first class. This page is set up to give you some tips on what to focus your attention on as you get settled!

Get to Know your Resident Assistant (RA)

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Resident assistants (for entering students, their RA is often the most important person getting settled into campus and residence hall life. As soon as you get a chance, find your RA (usually by hall and then by floor) and introduce yourself.

Getting Involved

The majority of students on campus are involved in activities beyond their academic work—and this is a good thing. The undergraduate experience is about getting a good education, but it's also about growing as a person. Very often outside activities carry over into academic work—and vice-versa—in a very positive way.

Activities within the Residence Halls

There are a number of different social and academic activities within the residence halls. Some are student-sponsored, while others are arranged by Residence Education staff. Most students participate in the scheduled activities in the residence halls.

Getting Around Campus

Cambus (University Bus Service)

Cambus is the University's mass transit system, and it offers the fastest way to travel the campus. And the price is right—it's free. Used not just by students, but also faculty and staff, Cambus makes the large campus of the University of Iowa much more manageable and navigable.

Hours: Academic year service is provided from 6:30 a.m. to midnight Monday through Friday, and noon to midnight on weekends.

Cambus has limited operation during breaks and summer session, and no service on University holidays.

Cambus Annual Service Calendar

Routes & Schedules

Cambus routes are designed to connect to all major University facilities, including all the residence halls, east and west campus, and the commuter and storage parking lots.

Cambus Route Timetables


Cambus also operates a late-night Saferide Bus service on Friday and Saturday from midnight to 2:30 a.m. that makes limited stops at select residence halls.

Saferide Service and Schedule

Nite Ride

The University of Iowa's Nite Ride program offers free, safe rides home. UI Public Safety use a 15-passenger UI van to transport persons of all genders from a designated pickup point to their residence halls. To arrange for transportation, call 319-384-1111, the cell number for the van driver. The van is driven by a fully uniformed, full-time UI Department of Public Safety Security Officer. The van is clearly marked with magnetic signs saying NiteRide and bearing the UI Public Safety patch and the phone number.

Dealing with Stress or Trauma

Tests, papers, reading and more reading. College is stressful. Being on your own can be rough.  Learn how to deal with stress and trauma in your life. It is difficult to predict what type of reactions you will experience during stress or trauma.  The following has been adapted from University Counseling Services and covers how to take care of yourself during stressful or traumatic times in your life.  

Taking Care of Yourself after a Stressful or Traumatic Time