Returning Resident Reapplication & Room Selection for AY 2017-18: Website FAQs


More than 1,100 University of Iowa students choose to reapply for campus housing after their first year. Most cite convenience, safety, cleanliness, and cost as factors in returning to the residence halls. In addition to the convenience, tutoring opportunities and cleanliness, there are financial considerations that make living on campus a logical choice. Everything is included in your housing—rent, utilities, cable TV, internet, local telephone, furniture, food and more. We also have more single rooms available for returning students to give them the opportunity for more privacy.

Reapplication begins in late January. Watch your email account for information about reapplication; this will have the date and time of when you can reapply. Priority is based on how long you have lived with us; this means returning students choose first!


Current residents of University Housing & Dining receive priority to return to the residence halls for 2017-18.  Students must reapply by the deadline of February 13; they are not automatically reassigned a space, nor are they guaranteed their same room for the upcoming year.

Students who lived in UH&D for Fall 2016 and were granted a contract release to study abroad or participate in an internship outside of Johnson County will be included in the online selection process. 

Students living off campus who wish to return to the halls may request to move back into University Housing & Dining by sending an email to The email should include the student's full name and university ID number. Off campus students will be added to the waitlist and offered an assignment after the online room selection period has concluded, as space allows.  

Residence Halls

Q: How are room selection times determined?
A: Room selection times will be based on the number of semesters a student has lived in the residence halls. Those who live with us longer get the first opportunity to secure housing, except in the apartments, where room selection will be a random lottery. The process is not first-come, first-served, however you do need to apply before the February 13 deadline.

Q: What if I miss my time to choose a room?
A: The time you are assigned is the earliest time you can choose a room. You can choose a room any time after that date and time, as long as it is before 5:00 p.m. on March 3.

Q: Can I request a specific roommate? Can I reserve a spot for a roommate like I did as a first year student?
A: Yes, you can request a specific roommate. However, the returning resident process is different and you cannot reserve a space for them like you could as a first year student. To live together, you and your preferred roommate(s) should select the same room at the same time. If you are assigned two different access times, the first student can select a room with two open spaces. Please note: the first student may have to change rooms if the second space is filled before the second student’s room selection period.

Q: Can I have a roommate of a different gender?
A: Yes. See Gender-Inclusive Housing information below.

Q: Will all spaces for returners be open at the beginning of the process?
A: Yes, all spaces will be available for selection on February 27. We will not be holding back any spaces for later in the process.

Q: What apartments and residence halls are available for returning students?
A: Here are the buildings where you can live and participate in Hawks Up for 2017-18:

Traditional Residence Halls with single, double, triple, and quad occupancy:

  • Burge (limited to STEM women in BeWISE)
  • Catlett
  • Currier
  • Hillcrest
  • Petersen
  • Slater (Limited to YGB, All In and ROTC)

Daum and Rienow will be reserved for first year students in 2017-18.

Apartment-style housing with kitchens:

  • Clinton Street Apartments*:

o Bloomington House

o Centerstone (open to all students)

o Dubuque South

  • Hillcrest
  • Mayflower
  • Parklawn**

*Burlington, Davenport, and Dubuque North will not be available for 2017-18.

**Students who want to live in Parklawn next year do not need to wait to select their room in the lottery or online! See the details below.

Apartment Lottery

Q: How will the apartment lottery work?
A: All students interested in living together in one of the apartments must:

  • Submit an online application to return to the halls by February 13, 2017.
  • Sign and submit a paper apartment lottery form to 4141 Burge by Noon on February 14. There will be a link to the form in the online application.
  • Each group will designate 1 person to attend the lottery at 6:00 p.m. on February 15 in Petersen Hall.
  • Groups will be randomly drawn to select their apartment for next year.
  • Any apartments or spaces remaining at the end of the lottery will be available for online room selection.

Q: How many spaces will be available during the apartment lottery?
A: There will be 348 spaces available:  

· Bloomington – 40 spaces (10 four-bedroom apartments)

· Centerstone – 108 spaces

o 20 five-bedroom apartments

o 1 four-bedroom apartment

o 2 one bedroom apartment for 2 students

· Dubuque South – 51 spaces

o 5 three-bedroom apartments

o 9 four-bedroom apartments

· Hillcrest – 16 spaces

o 4 Quad apartments for 4 students

· Mayflower – 41 spaces

o 2 Quad apartments for 4 students

o 11 Triple apartments

· Parklawn – 92 spaces (see Parklawn question below for special details)

o 36 one-bedroom apartments for 2 students

o 10 studio apartments for 2 students

Q: Do I need to be present to select an apartment or can I choose one after?
A: Each group of students should have one member present at the lottery event on February 15. You will give the designated member permission on your apartment lottery form to select an apartment on your behalf. If there are leftover spaces after the lottery, they will be made available during online room selection.

Q: Do I need to have a full apartment to select one during the lottery?
A: No. Single and pairs of students will be able to participate and help fill apartments during the lottery.

Q: What happens if I’m in the lottery for an apartment space and my group is not picked?
A: You will automatically be assigned a time to choose a space in the residence halls.

Q: Can I live in Centerstone if I am not an Honors student?
A: Yes. Honors students will not receive priority for Centerstone. Due to increased demand for the apartments and limited numbers of space available, all students will be allowed the same opportunity to live in the apartments.

Q: I have a friend who is transferring to Iowa next fall.  Can they be in my apartment lottery group?
A: No. The apartment lottery is only available to current residents.  Transfer students and first year students are not eligible to participate in your lottery group.

Q: Can students of multiple genders live in the same apartment?
A: Yes.  See details regarding Gender-Inclusive Housing below.


Q: Do I need to attend the apartment lottery if I want to live in Parklawn?
A: Students interested in living in Parklawn for 2017-18 do not need to attend the apartment lottery, but can if they choose to.  Given the unique nature of Parklawn’s small community, we are allowing students to select their Parklawn room in person before the lottery and before online room selection.  Once a student has completed the online application, any student interested in living in Parklawn should visit with the hall secretary, Jennifer Yoder in Parklawn to pick their room for 2017-18.  Any rooms not selected will be available during the lottery and online process.  Email Jennifer to schedule an appointment:


Q: Do I have to pay an application fee to return to the halls?
A: No. Students who continuously live with University Housing & Dining do not have to pay an application fee to return for the next year.

Q: I have applied to become an Resident Assistant but may find out after the contract binding date. If I sign up for housing and am offered a position can I cancel my housing contract?
A: Yes. If you accept an offer to become an RA you can cancel your housing contract after the binding date of March 21 to work for University Housing & Dining.

Q: I have a friend attending Kirkwood next fall. Can they live with me in the residence halls or apartments?
A: No. University Housing is only available for registered University of Iowa students.

Q: I would like to live with an incoming (first year or transfer) student in 2017-18. How can I request them as my roommate?
A: You can request to live together if you follow these steps:

  • Please make sure that your preferred roommate has been accepted to the UI and applied for housing. 
  • You must submit your returning resident online application by February 13, 2017.
  • Each student should email their request to become roommates to Please include each student’s full name and university ID number. This will help us verify that the request is mutual.  
  • During your room selection time, please pick a double room with two open spaces. You will need to remain flexible throughout the process. If another student selects into the room you’ve picked, you will need to relocate to a different room, and possibly, building. Contracts & Assignments staff will work with you to identify a new location in the event this happens.

ADA Assignments

Q: I currently receive an ADA housing assignment and/or meal plan accommodations. Is there anything that I need to do to continue my accommodations for next year?
A: Yes. Students who have a documented medical need or disability should complete and return this Reasonable Request for Accommodations form to 4141 Burge to renew accommodations. It would be helpful for you to visit with our staff and discuss any changes to your accommodations for 2017-18. You can schedule a brief appointment with Colleen Shaull by emailing or calling 319-335-3000. Returning residents should submit documentation by March 20, 2017 for greatest availability of support.

Gender-Inclusive Housing

New for Fall 2017, Gender-Inclusive Housing (GIH) will be available throughout University Housing & Dining, in both the residence halls and apartments.  Full details about the program may be found here:

Returning residents interested in GIH will opt into the program by selecting, “Yes, I am interested in participating in Gender-Inclusive Housing” on the housing application Lifestyle Questions Section. They will be emailed an agreement to complete a form and return it to Contracts & Assignments.