Decorations in rooms, on doors, in the lounges, and in the corridors can cause serious fire hazards for residents. Here are a few safety rules that must be followed to prevent fire.

girl in front of her door

  1. Decorations may not obstruct doorways, corridors, stairways, or any other means of exit.
  2. Candles (lit or unlit) or other open flames are prohibited.
  3. Lighting fixtures or fire fighting equipment including sprinkler piping, should not be decorated.
  4. Nothing should be attached to or suspended from ceilings.
  5. The exterior side of each student room door is considered public space. Care should be given to posting materials that could be considered distasteful or offensive to others. Flammable and combustible materials on student room doors must be kept to a minimum (no more than 25% of the door may be covered).
  6. Residents may not write on room doors. Excessive and/or offensive markings will result in the door being cleaned and/or painted and the cost charged to the residents of the room. Residents are responsible for keeping their door clean. If you discover some writing on your door report it to an RA.
  7. Cut natural trees and evergreens are prohibited and will be immediately removed by a residence hall staff member. (Non-combustible artificial trees are acceptable.)
  8. Lights on metal trees or artificial decorations that are made of combustible materials are not allowed.
  9. Rooms must not be left unattended with holiday or decorative lights on.
  10. Remove all holiday decorations from the premises before leaving for vacation.
  11. Alcoholic beverage containers are not allowed as decoration.

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