University of Iowa Police: 319-335-5022
Emergency number (for fire, ambulance, etc.): 911.
A professional live-in residence hall staff member is always available through the front desks.

Emergency Contact System & Missing Student Policy

Students are encouraged to list the name of a family member and/or contact person on their confidential card in case of an emergency. This contact person will be notified not more than 24 hours following a report of a missing student. In the event of a change in the contact person's phone number or address, the information on the confidential card should be updated as soon as possible by going to the front desk of their residence hall and directing the desk clerk to update the contact information.

Persons concerned that a resident is missing should contact the University of Iowa Department of Public Safety as soon as possible at (319) 335-5022 and submit a missing person report. If Housing staff receive notice that a student is missing, Public Safety will be contacted. Within 24 hours following receipt of the missing person report, the emergency contact name listed on the student’s confidential card will be notified in an effort to ascertain the student’s whereabouts and/or contact the student. In the case of a resident who is under 18 years of age and not an emancipated individual, that the institution is required to notify a custodial parent or guardian not later 24 hours after the time that the student is determined to be missing.

Fire (in case of)

University Housing & Dining staff has provided you with fire evacuation procedures and will hold fire drills to prepare you in case of a fire.

If you discover a fire in the residence hall:

  1. Evacuate the residence hall.
  2. On your way out, pull the corridor fire alarm.
  3. Call 911 to report the fire and give as much information as possible.
  4. The fire alarm will alert people to evacuate the building; don't attempt to rescue others unless you can do so safely.

Standards of student behavior in the residence halls require students to follow emergency procedures. Any persons found not leaving or attempting to re-enter the building during an alarm may face disciplinary charges.

Evacuation from Fire Area

  1. Feel the door from top to bottom. If it is hot, do not proceed; go back.
  2. If the door is cool, crouch low and open the door slowly. Close the door quickly if smoke is present; smoke inhalation can be deadly.
  3. If the area is smoke-free, exit via the nearest stairwell. Stay low if smoke conditions exist.
  4. NEVER USE ELEVATORS when there is a fire!
  5. If you encounter heavy smoke in a stairwell, go back and try another stairwell or fire escape.
  6. If you are trapped in a room, do the following:
    1. Stuff wet towels or clothing under the door to keep smoke out.
    2. Open the windows. Wave something out the window to attract attention, and yell for help.
    3. If possible, dial 911; report your situation and location.
    4. Keep a soaked towel over your head.
    5. Stay low; breathe fresh air near the windows.

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