Move-In Fall 2021

University Housing and Dining is still developing plans for move-in for fall 2021. More information will be provided as it becomes available at this link

Housing Contracts, Refunds, and Cancellations for Fall 2021

  • Housing contracts are written as a full academic year contract covering two semesters (Fall 2021 and Spring 2022). The contract period covers fall break (Thanksgiving) and spring break, but it does not cover break periods at the end of the fall or spring semesters.  
  • Once students receive their housing assignment, they are given 7 days cancel their housing contract with no financial penalty before it becomes binding. If you are not attending the University of Iowa, you are ineligible to live in campus housing and will be released from your housing contract. 
  • Requests for a contract release once your housing contract is binding or once you move into the residence halls should be submitted online in the housing application portal. Required supporting documentation may be uploaded, as well. 

Room Types and Accommodations

  • Rooms will be opened to their designed capacity, as space allows.

COVID-19 Vaccine

  • The University of Iowa strongly encourages students, faculty, and staff to receive the vaccine as soon as they are eligible, in consultation with their healthcare provider, but it is not mandatory. 
  • The Iowa Code authorizes the Iowa Department of Public Health to evaluate vaccination requirements, and the University of Iowa follows its determinations and guidance. 

Revised Face Mask Policy

  • The University of Iowa is revising its face mask policy to align with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) interim public health recommendations for fully vaccinated people. 
  • Effective Thursday, May 20, 2021: Fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask or physically distance in university buildings or on campus, except in health care settings and where required by state or federal guidelines (e.g., passengers on CAMBUS). 

Living with Roommates 

  • Students were able to request roommates and live in Living Learning Communities for fall 2021. Roommate request deadlines were February 15 for returning students and May 3 for new students. 
  • University Housing and Dining has not collected vaccination information as a part of our lifestyle questionnaire or roommate finder, and we will not take vaccination status into account when making room assignments.  
  • The University of Iowa strongly encourages students, faculty, and staff to receive the vaccine as soon as they are eligible, in consultation with their healthcare provider, but it is not mandatory.  
  • We encourage all students to talk with their roommate about personal plans to manage COVID-19 and understand that it is up to each individual if they choose to disclose their vaccination status to a roommate. Any communication that may be perceived to pressure, force, or coerce anyone to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination should be avoided. 
  • Students can visit, to learn how to receive their vaccination on campus. 
  • The university will continue to rely on guidance from the Board of Regents, State of Iowa; the Iowa and Johnson County departments of public health (IDPH, JCPH); the Big Ten Conference; and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding face masks, social distancing, and other health and safety measures. 

Residence Hall Cleaning Protocols

  • The majority of physical barriers (e.g. plexiglass) will be removed from residence halls spaces. 
  • Over the summer, each residence hall room was deep cleaned. Each student room surface was cleaned and sanitized, with all touchpoints disinfected. All public spaces were cleaned and sanitized with touchpoints being disinfected. 
  • Common touchpoints are cleaned and disinfected daily including elevator buttons, handrails, doorknobs, mailbox doors, etc. following CDC guidelines for cleaning. 
  • We have applied a bioprotectant to our public/high-traffic spaces prior to student arrival. The product is a bacterial and viral inhibitor that reduces bacteria and viruses on surfaces for up to 90 days. After 90 days the product will be reapplied to residence halls public surfaces such as, elevator buttons, handrails, doorknobs, mailbox doors, etc. 
  • Public spaces, public restrooms, and entries are cleaned on a daily basis. 
  • Trash removal from the grounds surrounding the residence halls occurs daily.   
  • Restrooms located on a community floor will have a cleaning scheduled posted outside of the space so students can plan accordingly.   
  • Once a student moves in, the student will be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing their residence hall room. University Housing and Dining will not be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing occupied residence hall rooms and the corresponding doors and doorknobs/handles on a regular basis.   
  • UH&D staff are trained and follow the highest standard guidelines established by the professional organization for institutional facilities professionals (APPA). UH&D Custodial Services has three certified trainers that hold ISSA Custodial Technician credentials. They are trained in both basic and advanced methods.  In addition, a member of the Custodial team has completed the Fundamentals Training Course with an emphasis on SARS-CoV-2/COVID 19 through GBAC, Global Biorisk Advisory Council (A division of ISSA), which was used in determining procedures and frequencies moving into fall.  

Resident Experience (Floor Meetings, Living Learning Communities)

  • All RA floor meetings will be held in-person, with a virtual component.  
  • All Living Learning Community programs will be held in-person, with a virtual component. 

COVID-19 Housing

  • COVID-19 housing will be available for students. Students will have separate rooms and floors for quarantine and isolation. More information will be provided as it becomes available.