Fire Safety

Open Flame

Incense, candles (lit or unlit), and any open-flame items are fire hazards and are therefore prohibited. Any incense or candles found may be confiscated, destroyed and disciplinary sanctions may be imposed. Storage of these items is prohibited; residence life staff will not store these items for you.


Due to the recent fire concerns surrounding hoverboards, University Housing & Dining has chosen to prohibit the use and possession of hoverboards in the residence halls, apartments, and dining. 

Halogen Lamps/Bulbs

Halogen lamps/bulbs are considered a fire hazard and therefore are prohibited in the residence halls.

Smoke Detectors/Sprinklers

Room and hallway smoke detectors should not be removed or disabled for any reason. Smoke detectors are sensitive to airborne particles such as hair spray. Intentional or accidental activation of or tampering with any fire detection device may result in disciplinary action and/or paying for associated repair costs. Any problem with a smoke detector should be reported to your front desk. Do not hang items from sprinkler head and/or fire detection/fighting equipment. 

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