Changes and Cancelations

Cancelling Meal Plans

Only returning residents, or transfer students in rooms with a university supplied kitchen are permitted to cancel the board portion of their contract for either or both semesters. The cancelation deadlines are September 13, 2013 for the fall semester and February 7, 2014 for the spring semester.

Students transferring to a room with a university supplied kitchen after the cancelation deadline have five working days from the effective date of the transfer to change or cancel a board contract. After the five days, it is a binding contract for the remainder of the semester. Students who cancel their residence hall contract will also have their meal plan canceled. All cancelations are subject to contract cancelation guidelines. Students who cancel their room contract may request a meal plan. All changes, cancelations, or requests resulting from a room contract cancelation must be made in person at Contracts and Assignments, 4141 Burge Hall.

Changing Meal Plans

Changes may be made online starting August 5, 2013 and during the first four weeks of each semester. After September 13, 2013 no decreases can be made to your board plan for the fall semester. February 7, 2014 is the deadline for spring semester meal plan decreases.

Increases may be made at any time. If moving from a room with a university supplied kitchen to a room without a kitchen, you must choose either the Black or Gold Plan within five working days from the effective date of the transfer. If a meal plan is not chosen, the Black Plan will be assigned.