Residence halls are operated for the benefit of students who have signed residence hall contracts. You and your roommate(s) are the only ones permitted to live in your room. You are responsible for the behavior of your guests. All halls have a 24-hour visitation policy, meaning that students may be visited by guests of either gender at any time.

Each resident has the privilege of having overnight guests as long as the guests do not infringe on the rights of their roommate(s) and other residents. Visitation to the extent of cohabitation, or having someone stay in your room without being on the contract or registered as a guest, is not allowed. For overnight guest privileges, these rules apply:

  1. All non-UI guests staying overnight must be registered at the front desk of your residence hall. If overnight guests are not registered they will be asked to leave the residence hall.
  2. Roommates must approve of all overnight guests or all guests will be asked to leave the building.
  3. All guests must be escorted in non-public areas of the residence halls (i.e. floor hallways, study lounges, ITCs).
  4. You are responsible for the behavior of all of your guests and you will be held accountable for their policy violations. Guests who do not follow hall policies or procedures will be asked to leave the residence hall.
  5. No guest may stay more than three (3) nights within a fourteen day period.
  6. Arrangements for a rollaway bed must be made with the front desk 48 hours in advance.
  7. No resident or guest may use a restroom or shower facility intended for use by the opposite gender.

Roommates can agree to change aspects of the guest visitation policy as stated above by completing a Roommate Agreement. In all cases, overnight guests may not stay beyond the maximum of three (3) nights within a fourteen day period even with the approval of the roommates. A Roommate Agreement must be completed, signed and filed with the Residence Hall staff of your building before it is effective. A Roommate Agreement can be re-negotiated as necessary. Roommates have the right to ask the guest to leave and to say no to an overnight guest when the guest interferes with their ability to sleep/study. All guests must be respectful of roommate's rights. Violation of the Roommate Agreement will be handled through the judicial system.

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