Guns and Weapons Policy

Any type of gun including paintball guns, airsoft guns, pellet guns, etc; bows and arrows, tasers, and other weapons are prohibited in residence halls. Knives are generally prohibited in the residence halls except for kitchen utensils (such as butter knives and bread knives). Knives designed primarily for purposes other than kitchen use (such as switchblades and hunting knives) are prohibited from all buildings. A student is not permitted to carry a knife on campus for purposes of self-protection. A student may possess a small knife if necessary to serve a legitimate educational purpose. For example, an Art student enrolled in a course which requires students to use a knife to complete Art assignments may use a knife specially designed for Art projects for classroom assignments. Any device that has the appearance and/or function of a serviceable weapon or is being used in a manner of a real weapon is also prohibited in residence halls. Possession of a weapon or knife is a serious offense that may result in immediate eviction from the halls.


The possession, use or distribution of any type of fireworks, ammunition/gun powder, fuses, or any explosives/combustibles of any kind is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action. Propane tanks may not be stored in residence halls.

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