Keys & Prox Cards

YOU ARE ADVISED TO KEEP YOUR ROOM LOCKED AND YOUR KEY/ID WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES. You should never lend your keys to others. Those who lend their keys to others may face disciplinary action.

You will be issued a room key and your university ID/proximity card. If you misplace either of these two items, report their loss immediately to your 24-hour building desk for replacements. You will be charged for replacing lost keys/proximity cards.

Your room key also opens your mailbox, shower/toilet room on your corridor, and in some cases your floor lounge.

If you misplace your room key or are locked out of your room, you may use your ID to temporarily check out another key at the front desk. A key issued on a temporary basis must be returned by 4 p.m. the following business day or an automatic lock change will be made and you will be billed for the costs. If you request that your lock be changed after 4:30 p.m. or during the weekend, you may incur additional overtime labor costs. If misuse of the temp key check-out is suspected, residents of the room may be required to show all regular and temp keys checked out to that room or a lock change will be issued and residents will be charged.

The cost of changing a lock will be charged to the person to whom the key was issued. If more than one student loses a key to the same room, the cost of the lock change will be proportionately shared. If the misplaced key is found after a lock change has been ordered, no refund will be made.

It is your responsibility to return all keys issued to you. When you vacate your assigned room (transfer, cancellation, end of semester or academic year), you have a 24-hour period in which to return all keys issued to you. You will continue to be charged for your room until you actually check out of your room and return all keys. An automatic lock change charge will be charged to you if you fail to return room keys. A charge will also be assessed for the replacement of a building entrance key/proximity card.

Note: For your protection, each time University Housing staff leave your room they must lock the door. Custodial or maintenance staff may NOT unlock your door for your personal convenience.

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