Late Hour

Come and join Late Hour throughout the year for many nights of FREE fun! The Late Hour team provides residence hall students with late night events and free activities. Popular events include movie nights, fun trips, raves, crafts and many more. Late Hour events are a great place to hang out with friends—the ones you know and the ones you have yet to meet. Staying in has never been so fun!

Late Hour provides a community for all students, including those who want to remain alcohol and drug free. Late Hour’s goal is to make sure students have the opportunity to create the college experience they are looking for by helping students meet other students who also choose that lifestyle. 

"Late Hour is awesome because it gives me a chance to hang out with my friends, meet new people, and have lots of fun participating in the activity of the night, all while enjoying some great snacks!  But we really just go to those because it sounds fun and the events are well planned." –Kristi Rasmussen, first year student

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Twitter: @LateHour_uiowa