Carly On Campus

Meet Carly On Campus!

Carly On Campus is your go-to girl for questions about anything at the University of Iowa. She can answer your residence hall questions, or give you advice on doing laundry so your favorite shirt doesn’t shrink!

Carly On Campus is an on-line advice column focused on campus involvement, living on your own, and social activities on campus. Each week, the top questions will be selected and featured in Carly’s weekly column here on Live On. The archives of columns can be found here on this page!

Text your questions to Carly at 319-535-0877 or you can also email her at

Frequently Asked Questions About Carly:

  • Why doesn’t Carly respond to my text messages?
    She does, she just doesn’t do it via text. You will find Carly’s responses on the Live On website. Carly will respond to appropriate questions as she sees fit and as time allows.
  • Why doesn’t Carly respond to my questions immediately?
    Carly will collect questions each week and respond to as many questions as she can. Questions are not responded to immediately so any questions needing immediate response should be directed to your Resident Assistant or a Hall Coordinator. Otherwise, look for a response via the Live On website each week!
  • Is there a “Carl-On-Campus” for guy specific questions?
    There is not a “Carl-On-Campus,” however, Carly does have male friends she can ask for guy related questions. Since your text messages are anonymous, you can feel free to ask appropriate guy related questions and Carly will do her best to answer them with the help of her male friends.