Rent your MicroFridge today from Collegiate Fridge!

The Associated Residence Halls (ARH) at the University of Iowa will be teaming up again with Collegiate Fridge to provide students with a MicroFridge rental program for 2013-2014! We highly recommend that students take advantage of this unique product and service for their room! Place your order by AUGUST 7 and receive free delivery to your room before move-in day!

MicroFridge (rental)

The MicroFridge is available in two sizes (2.9 or 4.8 cubic feet total storage capacity) and comes complete with a refrigerator, freezer and microwave. By preordering the MicroFridge by AUGUST 7, it will be delivered to your room BEFORE move-in day! With all the time and effort it takes to move-in (and move-out), wouldn’t it be nice to have one less large item to pack up and worry about? Compared to retail purchase options, this three-in-one appliance is cost-effective and you don’t have to carry it to and from home!


Collegiate Fridge










Included with Refrigerator/Freezer!




Delivered to your room before move-in!










*Average pricing based upon similar models available in March 2013 **Price for the MicroFridge 4.8

Futon (purchase)

The versatile futon can be used as a love seat, lounger or full-sized bed. This custom design is guaranteed to fit in the residence hall rooms at the University of Iowa.

By preordering your products from Collegiate Fridge by AUGUST 7, they are delivered to your room before move-in day. It is one less large item to pack, making move-in day MUCH easier and less stressful for you! Products may also be ordered on move-in day, but quantities will be limited.

Collegiate Fridge is endorsed and approved by the University of Iowa. To place your order today, visit