Free Cupcake Days are Back!

UI Retail gives away cupcakes thru Facebook.

University Retail is giving away free cupcakes thru the Retail Facebook Page. The cupcakes will be given out on random days each week until Thanksgiving break with ‘Name it 2 Claim it’ promotion. To get a free cupcake, students and staff simply ask the cashier for the cupcake by name (it acts like a password). To find out the name simply ‘like’ the Retail Facebook page and watch for the post announcing the next free cupcake.

Cupcake flavors to look for this fall include: a tribute to ‘The King’ with a banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting and bacon; a tropical theme with a coconut, lime, and mango; and a caramel cupcake with chocolate frosting, peanuts, and sea salt topping.

The UI Retail facebook page can be found here: