Shop and Swap

Have you been looking for a new room, but have not been able to find one? Are you not satisfied with your living arrangement? University Housing & Dining is offering 2 new ways to find that perfect fit.

The Shop and Swap system allows for two different types of room moves - bed for bed trades, and being placed on the building's Wait List for a room to become available. This will reset each semester.

Room to Room Swap: A bed for bed trade with a person in a different room who also meets the LLCs' eligibility. You could consider it a bed trade or swap.

Wait List: A list, by order of the completion of the Room Preference page, for open spaces that are created within the halls. As rooms become available throughout our system, University Housing & Dining will use the Wait List to fill those rooms based upon your preferences and LLC eligibility.

To access Shop and Swap please click
Once in the Portal, you will see Room Swap.
Room Swap opens to enter your name August 26, 2013 and resets each semester. Actual room moves will not begin until September 5, 2013.
Room Swapping is easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Select your current booking.
Select the room that you are going to swap.

2. Enter your room preferences.
Please enter room types and locations of what you are interested in swapping into.

3. Search for available matches.
Once you have confirmed a swap with another student, follow the directions that you receive and go to one of your front desks to activate the move.