5 Things you think you know about Rowing


5 Things you think you know about rowing

1. I bet you think it’s all about the biceps.

Nope. Incorrecto. It’s all about the glutes. And the quads.  And the lats.  A spring rowing sprint race is the equivalent of about 220 squats in a row.  Want to look great in a backless dress?  Try rowing.  The sport is a total body-exercise, where you push with your legs and pull with your upper body.

2. You probably think rowers get up at 5 am every day.

Wow, that would stink.  We lift weights in the morning at a reasonable hour, but we row in the afternoon.  This spring you can give us a holler around 4 pm if you’re walking over the Hancher or IMU foot bridge.  Don’t be offended if we don’t wave back—gotta keep both hands on the oar.

3. You have to already know how to row….to row with the Hawkeyes.

Surprisingly, you don’t.  We have a walk-on program where any female student can learn the sport.  In fact, we’re doing open call-outs this spring semester.  Our coaching staff will teach you everything you need to know and kick your post-holiday butt into gear—guaranteed.  About half our team learned to row as a walk-on.  Email Coach Julie Quoss if you’re interested in learning more (Julie-quoss@uiowa.edu)

4. You might think Rowing at Iowa is a club sport.

There are some awesome clubs at Iowa (including a men’s rowing club), but women’s rowing is not one of them.  We’re Division I and we’re the largest women’s sport in the NCAA—Boom! That means we compete in the Big 10, one of the most competitive rowing conferences in the nation!  We compete all across the country and we’re sponsored by Nike.

5. Oops, you think you missed your chance to try rowing.

Lucky YOU!! Now that you got your feet wet this fall and you are pro at being a college student, you can still come out and give rowing a try this spring.  Just contact Coach Julie Quoss (Julie-quoss@uiowa.edu) to learn more about open the call-out and informational meetings in January 2014. C’mon, don’t be scared, just do it.