Power Down and Unplug Over Break


Winter break is fast approaching! That means a time home with family and friends. As you head home, take minute to think about your residence hall room. When you leave the lights on or leave your Xbox running while your room is empty, you waste energy and hurt the environment. Reducing energy waste reduces UI’s energy bills, reduces the overall campus carbon footprint, and it’s just a good idea.

Here are some tips to unplug and power down before you leave:

-Turn off all lights

-Turn down your heat (if available in your room)

-Turn off all appliances like computers, printers, coffee makers, desk lamps, etc.

-Make sure to unplug everything – TV, microwave, game consoles, phone and device changers, digital clocks. When appliances are plugged in, they still use energy even if they are off.

-If you have items plugged into a power strip, make sure to turn the strip off.

-Report any maintenance problems such as leaky faucets, windows that won't close, or extreme room temperatures to your front desk and fill out a work order.

Following the academic breaks, we are going to see how much electrical energy is saved in residence halls, compared to the energy consumption is during a normal academic week and the same break the previous year. Let’s see who much we can save!

Want to find out more? See http://sustainability.uiowa.edu/campus-life/living-space/ for a virtual green dorm room and some tips for living lightly on campus.