Currier Centennial


Come join the festivities! 

2014 marks the 100th anniversary of Currier Residence Hall. From 1914-2014, Currier has housed and developed leaders and scholars on the University of Iowa campus. To kick off the celebration, several students dressed in costumes from the decades and marched in the annual Homecoming Parade.  Also watching the parade in the VIP area were family members of the late Amos and Celia Currier, whom the residence hall is named after.

The Currier Centennial Celebration will take place from November 9-November 13, 2014, with events nightly in Currier Multi-purpose Room.  A variety of events have been planned to honor this special birthday.  Public and students are invited to participate in any or all the events.  All are free of charge.

Sunday, November 9, 4pm
Ice Cream Social 

Kick off the Centennial festivities with a carnival right inside of Currier Hall. We will have carnival games such as the Fun Spinner, Plinko and Pop Toss.  There will be Currier 100 Year t-shirts to tie-dye.  "Chad Not So Bad" will be making balloon sculptures, and of course, you can make your own ice cream sundae!

Monday, November 10, 7pm
Fireside Chat

Travel back in time when there were no cell phones or I-pads and people told wonderful stories and shared great memories of the good ole’ days (in Currier Hall). We have gathered family members of Amos and Celia Currier, along with historians, artists, former staff and residents to share their fondest Currier Hall memory.  Check your technology at the door and reminisce with us.

Tuesday, November 11, 8pm
Bingo Night

This will be traditional BINGO with a twist.  The twist?  We will invite university “celebrities” to call the game.  There will be great prizes and food as well.  Think about it…Herky calling B-I-N-G-O!

Wednesday, November 12, 8pm
Sock Hop

Hop it up, and dance a little too.  Come on over and twist with us as we bring back a little of the 1960’s with a traditional sock hop dance.  There will be food, merriment and even a dance lesson or two.

Thursday, November 13, 8pm
Currier Centennial Celebration

A birthday celebration with a twist…university speakers and family members will toast our beautiful residence hall and wish her well on the next 100 years.  Birthday cake anyone?