Preventing Theft 101


While we strive to keep a safe environment in our residence halls, we can never fully guarantee there will not be theft. There are a number of ways you can make sure that your belongings are safe.  Below are a few tips to help you take extra precautions against thieves.

Always Lock Your Door
Don’t leave the fate of your possessions to chance. Theft is often just a crime of opportunity. You never know who could be wandering the halls and how quickly your things can be taken from an unlocked room. Lock your door when you leave and when you are asleep.

Do Not Prop Outside Doors
Although it may be tempting to prop an outside residence hall door when you are bringing things in or moving things out, do NOT do it.  Security is immediately compromised when doors are not locked/secured.

Leave Expensive Items at Home
The less you have, the easier it is to keep track of. Keep large amounts of cash, expensive jewelry, collectibles and other high value items at home. If you do bring any of these items with you, we advise having a safe in your room.

Don't Leave Belongings Unattended
This is a great idea no matter where you are, including the library or a diner. Leaving your laptop, iPad, cell phone, camera or wallet sitting on a table or desk while you run off to talk to a friend is a green light for an opportunistic thief.

Pay Attention to Your Laundry
Keep an eye on your laundry during both cycles. Do not leave clothes in the laundry room for hours or even days! Move your clothes immediately from the washer to the dryer and back to your room again. By doing this you're reducing the chance of someone taking your favorite college hoodie.

Confront or Report Unescorted Strangers
If you see an unescorted person(s) that you do not recognize in your hall/corridor, ask if you can help them or ask an RA or other staff member to confront the stranger(s). If no staff member is present, ask a friend to help you confront the person(s).

REMEMBER:  to report any suspicious behavior or crime you should call the University of Iowa Police at 319-335-5022 or 911.