Hawk Dollar Filling Stations


We are cashless!

When visiting the following locations, remember they accept Hawkeye Dollars, UI Charge, Visa, MasterCard and Discover only. We accept these forms of payments so you can enjoy

  • Faster, convenient checkout
  • Secure, reliable transactions
  • Clean, germ-free interactions (money has tons of germs)

Cashless Locations:

  • Burge & Hillcrest Market Place
  • Clinton Street Market (Burge)
  • Court Cafe
  • Mayflower C-Store
  • Hillcrest C-Store
  • Food For Thought
  • Pat's Diner
  • EMRB Cafe

Hawk Dollar Fill Up Stations:

  • Burge & Hillcrest Lobbies
  • Parklawn Laundry Room
  • University Apartments Front Office

How To Fill Up

  • Select "Deposit" at any Hawkeye Dollar Fill Up Station
  • Swipe Your Student ID card, gold strip facing upward
  • Insert the desired amount of cash (no change is given)
  • Collect receipt showing the deposited amount

Or fill up your card online, here.