Tutors Wanted!


The Residence Education Tutoring Program is Hiring!

We are looking for students who are excited to play a critical role in the academic success of their peers! Our tutoring program is an evening service that is in multiple residence halls here on campus. We are looking for tutors for chemistry, biology, mathematics, and rhetoric/writing. The classes needed in those subject areas are introductory courses that primarily first year students will take (for example, Principles of Chemistry I).

Not only does tutoring put you in a position to really greatly impact others, it will also really benefit your own academic and career success. Tutoring provides you with opportunities to develop high demand skills such as – communication, teaching, problem-solving, working with diverse people, and team work. Graduate schools and employers alike both report tutoring as one of the best and most stand-out experiences on a resume, because successful tutors have a more advanced skill set far beyond academics than their peers. Not to mention you get paid a great, competitive wage!

If interested or have questions, please reach out to Ryan Specht (ryan-specht@uiowa.edu). The application and information can be found here.