Last Chance To Modify Your Meal Plan


All residence hall students, except upper-class students who live in a room with a university kitchen, are required to have a meal plan as part of the room and board contract.  The deadline for changes is midnight Friday, September 11, 2015. After that date, no changes may be made until second semester.

To modify your meal plan, visit here


Meal Plan Name Market Place Swipes Cost per Semester
Gold Plan* Unlimited $1,740
Black Plan 220 $1,570
Hawkeye Plan** 75 - shared w/Flex Meals $700
Herky Booster Pack 25 - shared w/Flex Meals $235

**The Hawkeye plan is available only to students living in rooms with a university supplied kitchen. It may also be purchased by students living off-campus, as well as staff and faculty.

†Returning students with university-supplied kitchens may purchase the Herky Booster pack as their primary meal plan, along with off-campus students, staff and faculty.