Madison Street Residence Hall


Did you know there is another residence hall coming to campus? Here’s what you need to know:

Where will it be?
350 North Madison Street (East Campus), just behind the North Ramp, toward the river.

When will it be ready?
Estimated summer 2017 for Fall 2017

How big is it?
12-stories; 1050-beds; $95 million; including dining, study rooms, lobby/lounge and laundry

What do we see now?
Madison Street Residence Hall is beginning to rise from the ground. One of the first things to appear was the sky crane pad, which is built to support a 150 ton crane. That sky crane pad weighs about 1,680,000 pounds and is made up of 420 cubic yards of cement. Once the crane is no longer needed, it is common for that pad to become a part of the actual building.