Tackle Your First Test


ALERT: In case you haven’t checked any of your syllabi, you probably have a test in the next couple weeks. The dreaded midterms have officially begun (**insert deer in the headlights look here**). So how do you tackle this test head on?

Well first of all, you should start studying early! While you have time now, make some flashcards with vocab words or outline your chapters. Study a little bit each day or just a bit in that break between classes. When you take the time to study a small amount at a time, your brain remembers the information much better! In other words, try your absolute hardest not to cram!

Next, talk to your teachers! The professors here at the University of Iowa want to see you to succeed, no matter how difficult their tests are. Stop into office hours and attempt to get a better idea of what the test will look like.

Get a study buddy. When you go to class look to your left and right, and maybe, just maybe you will see another person! They are in the same place you are, so help each other out and pull up that average!

Take advantage of FREE Tutoring in the residence halls! Yes, we said FREE. Sessions are available Sunday - Thursday. Here’s the schedule

Last but not least, if you need help setting goals, working on time management, developing your studying or test taking skills, set up a meeting with a Student Success Coach.

Good Luck!