The 2015 Homecoming theme portrays the many ways Homecoming at Iowa can unite the community. This year, we have chosen to focus on three of them (community, legacy, state). The theme represents the evolution of the homecoming tradition and shines light on the importance it plays in the greater community. This year more than ever, as an executive team we have created a homecoming week that will foster synergy between the community, Iowa alum, and the students at this university.

Join in the Homecoming festivities from October 3rd through October 10th!

October 3rd: Volunteer Day
October 4th: Celebrating Cultural Diversity Festival, Hawkeye Hustle
October 5th: Blood Drive, Capture the Capitol
October 6th: Hawkeye Feed, Hungry Hawkeyes Alumni Dinner, Ruckus!
October 7: IOWA On Display at Mayflower Hall (7:15pm)
October 7: Homecoming BASH Dinner at Burge and Hillcrest Market Place
October 8: Hawkeye Feed, Iowa Shout, CAB Movies (8pm, 11pm), Iowa City Improv Show
October 9: Coronation, Concert, Parade, CAB Movies (8pm, 11pm)
October 10: Game Day, CAB Movies (5pm, 8pm, 11pm)

Full schedule