Preparing for Family Week

After being at school for about three months now, you probably have the hang of it. Family weekend is coming soon, but it could get really awkward really fast. Most students aren’t ready for the colliding of two worlds when their family shows up on Friday night, so here are a couple tips to be ready:

  • Make sure your room looks pretty decent. The family will want to know where you live, so show it off! You shouldn’t worry too much about cleaning, but do you really want your parents to see all of your clothes on the floor? Eh, probably not.
  • Plan ahead! Make dinner reservations and buy game tickets early. Family weekend is campus-wide, so--in other words--that’s a lot of families to fill up your favorite place to eat downtown. And a lot more people heading to the game. #GoHawks
  • Prioritize your family. Although you may not miss them right away, it will happen. It gets the best of us! Your friends might want to hang out, but you have all the other weekends to see them. Take the time to catch up and show your family the University of Iowa.
  • Feeling awkward doing nothing? Head to one of the University of Iowa Family Weekend events! There is always something going on, so just check the website if you want to avoid downtime!
  • There is only one Family Weekend per semester, so make the most of the time you get to spend with your loved ones!