Protect Yourself & Your Belongings


Safety and Security
We hope you are enjoying your experience in the residence halls.  We want you to be comfortable in your new surroundings, but we also want you to be SAFE.  Here are some tips in preparation for the remainder of the semester.

If you see someone going door to door selling anything, or see posters/sign-ups soliciting a product or a service, please contact your RA, or the information desk immediately.  As a rule for anyone, do not give cash, credit card numbers or checks to anyone without the product in hand.  Never give credit card numbers to anyone you feel may not be reputable.  (If they’re going door to door in the residence halls, they are NOT reputable.)  If the person poses an immediate security threat, contact the University of Iowa Police.

Protect Your Belongings/ Lock Your Door
The most important precaution you can take to maintain security in your hall is to lock your room when you leave or when you are asleep. It seems that every year we have unwanted visitors (or sometimes neighbors) who wander the halls with the express purpose of entering rooms with unlocked doors to steal unattended laptops and iPods.  So please protect yourself and your belongings by moving your portable electronic devices out of sight when you are not in your room.  Lock your door when you are out of the room and when you are sleeping in the room.

Use Nite Ride
The Nite Ride van provides a safe means of late night transportation for persons of all genders.  University Police run the Nite Ride program nightly from 10PM – 6AM.  There is a downtown route for Friday & Saturday nights, and an academic route for Sunday through Thursday nights. To get a ride call 319-384-1111.  You may want to program this number into your cell phone.  For more information on the Nite Ride program, click the following link:

REMEMBER:  to report any suspicious behavior or a crime, you should call the University of Iowa Police at 319-335-5022 or 911.