New Policy On Hoverboards, Plus Reminder About Renter's Insurance


Due to the recent fire concerns surrounding hoverboards, University Housing & Dining has chosen to prohibit the use and possession of hoverboards in the residence halls, apartments, and dining.  Students who currently have them should take them home over the break period and not bring them back to campus.  Students who receive them as gifts this break period should not bring them back to campus, and should become informed about fire concerns regarding the batteries that operate the boards.  Below are some links to the problem:

UH&D’s priority is the safety of the residents who live in our campus buildings.  In light of the residence hall fire in late October, mitigating risks to students and property is of critical importance to us.  This decision was made in consultation with university risk management and UI police department, and supported by the Associated Residence Halls executive board.  Should you have any questions about this policy statement, please contact University Housing & Dining at 319-335-3000 or  

On a related note, a recent survey many of you completed noted that only 5% said you had renters insurance.  It is essential that you talk with your parents/guardians about renters insurance.  With all the electronics and other belongings in your room, a loss due to theft or damage could easily be over $1000.  Without renter’s insurance, you may have to replace them out of your pocket.  Insurance for students in residence halls is sometimes covered under your parent/guardian homeowners insurance.  Please discuss renter’s insurance while you are home for break so you are protected in case of a fire or other emergency.

Best wishes for a restful semester break, and we hope to see you back in January!