Madison Street Residence Hall Update

What's been going on with Madison Residence Hall's new Market Place? Here's your inside scoop!

When will the Madison Street Market Place open? Fall 2017

How many students will it seat?  800

What will the available stations be?  Breakfast All Day, Home-style, Pizza & Grinder, World’s Fare, Salad Bar, Grill

Anything else new and noteworthy? This market place will have a special two-sided grill. During the day, one side of the grill will serve students in the market place and after it closes, the other side will open and serve students during the late night hours via a main lobby service window. In addition, the market place will be open seven days a week!

What else should students know? According to Jill Irvin, Director of University Dining, Madison Street Market Place is going to be a really exciting new service concept because the stations are going to be integrated in the seating area and will blend seamlessly together. It will also overlook the Iowa River, and all of one wall will be glass, giving students gorgeous views of Iowa City.