Spring Break: Unplug!


Before you unplug from school over break, unplug your room and appliances as well! Energy waste has no chill, and playing your part in reducing power use makes campus operations more affordable as well as being environmentally beneficial.

Here are some tips to unplug and power down before you leave:

  • Turn off all lights, appliances, and computers.
  • Make sure to unplug everything: TV, microwave, game consoles, phone and device changers, digital clocks. When appliances are plugged in, they still use energy even if they are off.
  • If you have items plugged into a power strip, make sure to turn the strip off.
  • Turn down the heat (if available in your room)
  • Report any maintenance problems such as leaky faucets, windows that won't close, or extreme room temperatures to your RA.