UH&D Scholarships Available Now!

We are pleased to announce that the 11th Annual Food Service Student Employee Scholarship. This $750 scholarship will be awarded to selected individuals who work anywhere within University Dining and meet the required criteria. Six scholarships will be awarded, and the scholarship will be credited to the recipient's university account in the fall of 2016. Interested student employees should complete the application and submit before March 25, 2016. Apply Now

And, it is not too late to nominate a residence hall student for the George Droll Award. Any student, staff, or faculty person can nominate a student for this award. A nominating statement is required for this process. The nominated student must excel in the areas of residence hall citizenship and community building and must meet additional eligibility criteria. The nominee then responds to an essay question and final selection is made. Nominations are due by March 28, 2016. To nominate a student for the George L. Droll Award, please click here.