Avoid the Lunch Crunch!


If you feel like every time you go to lunch, 500 of your fellow Hawkeyes are showing up at the same time, we have some simple suggestions. Here are four helpful hints for managing the lunch crowds:

1. You can enjoy the great food and beautiful view available at the Hillcrest Market Place. It is much less congested during lunch.

2. If you must dine at Burge, the best times are 15 minutes before or after the top of the hour.

3. Check out the menu ahead of time. If you know what’s available, you’ll spend less time looking at each food station.

4. Flex meals offer students the ability to use a meal swipe at retail locations across campus, not only at the Market Places. Use your Flex Meals at eight different locations on campus: Food For Thought at the Main Library, Pat’s Diner at the Pappajohn Business Building, the River Room Café in the Iowa Memorial Union, the Clinton Street Market in Burge, Mayflower C-store, Grand Avenue Market in Hillcrest, Union Station on the Ground Floor of the IMU, and the Street Hawk Food Truck located on the T. Anne Cleary Walkway (coming soon!). Meal options and times vary.