How To: HawkTools


Not sure what the menu is at the Market Place? Are you getting ready to do laundry, but need to make sure a washer is open? HawkTools is a helpful app for any Hawk with a smartphone. Gain quick access to many on campus tools like dining information, residence hall information (including real time laundry updates), After Class Events, Pick One, ICON, and more!

How to use the Dining tab:

  • By selecting “Dining” from the main menu, three options will appear:
  • If you select “Menus”, you will have access to both Burge and Hillcrest Market Place menus on a daily basis.
  • In the “Locations” tab, you will see a list of all University Dining locations. Choose any one of them and see more information about offerings!
  • By choosing “Check Hawkeye Dollars”, the app will take you to the website to log in and check your Hawkeye Dollar Balance.

How to use the Residence Halls tab:

  • By selecting “Residence Halls” from the main menu, all of the residence halls on campus will appear:
  • Under each residence hall, you will find additional information about their offerings.
  • For real time laundry updates, select which laundry room you are headed to. All of the available washers will be in green, so you won’t have to walk all the way there without a washer to clean your clothes.

The HawkTools app is available on Apple and Android. Download the HawkTools app today.