Alternative Spring Break


What Are You Doing Over Spring Break?

Top Ten Reasons to Join Hawkeye Service Team's Alternative Spring Break:
1. Make a difference                            
2. Focus on an issue you are passionate about                           
3. Travel to a different destination                           
4. Develop your leadership skills                           
5. Earn class credit                           
6. Make 15 new friends                            
7. Enhance your knowledge of social justice                           
8. Connect with UI alumni across the country                           
9. Explore and experience a new community                            
10. Have a spring break you'll never forget                           
Applications are due Tuesday October 18th by 5:00 PM.                           

To apply, visit                      

This year's Spring Break is March 11th-16th, 2017.                           

Questions? Contact Charlotte Brown at or 319-335-3059.