Midterms got you down? Try these new study spaces!


Stanley Hall: Ecklund Lounge & Currier Hall: Droll Lounge
We wanted study spaces to be where residents want to go to and enjoy time spent there! The goal being that we want students studying, communicating, and building community more often. The Ecklund Lounge (Stanley) and the Droll Lounge (Currier) are examples of renovations across campus to incorporate nicer and newer furniture in all common areas.

Petersen Hall: Rehder Learning Commons
As more classes integrate group projects, the need and desire to study in groups grows. In addition, students often want to study in groups whether it is a number of them studying together for the same class or a group of friends wanting to hang out and study. We created closed study rooms in several areas so that students could study in groups without disturbing others. Petersen Hall has several rooms dedicated to group study in the Rehder Learning Commons.

Floor Lounges: Daum Hall and Stanley Hall
Because students used to hang out in lounges and study in their rooms, residence floor lounges used to look much different than what you will see now. Students’ rooms are now full of distractions like X-box, TVs, and Netflix. Now students need to leave their rooms to study, which very often means the lounges in their buildings are full of hard-working students. To accommodate for this change, we’ve moved from primarily soft seating to a 60% to 40% mix of study seating to lounge seating, allowing for study space, as well as, more comfortable spaces to hang out with friends. To that end, most floor lounges no longer have televisions, but now have whiteboards. Let the studying commence!

Study Rooms: Currier North & South Foyer spaces, study rooms within Daum & Stanley Lounges
These are spaces designed to be a quieter and allow individuals to study, have a place to go make a phone call or Skype with someone, allowing for students to be able to study individually or just go and relax!